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Squire and Vagaro offer Streamlined booking and can be integrated with Google, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

Vagaro vs. Squire

In recent years, there has been a rise in customers using online booking software to book appointments and prepay for services. Booking software is efficient, and convenient, helps increase revenue, improves customer satisfaction, and helps you save time. It has helped owners save time by not having to schedule appointments on behalf of clients. Additionally, it helps businesses avoid double bookings by not allowing customers to book appointments in time slots that are already filled. Lastly, customers prefer online booking and even seek out businesses that offer scheduling software that allows them to prepay for their services. 

It's easy to see that online booking software has numerous advantages! Check out different scheduling software to see which is right for you. 

Client Management:

Squire and Vagaro provide centralized client information with client cards on file and have the option to import old clients and invite new ones on the booking software. Both Vagaro and Squire offer automatic notifications and reminders of client appointments. In addition, Vagaro’s customer management features include tagging so you can add keywords to customer profiles to identify them and designate them to specific profiles, patient charts that are essential to assessing, diagnosing, and treating patients, and verified customer management. Also, starting at $10 a month you can purchase Vagaro Drive to securely store photos and files relating to your clients for future reference.

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Brand Management:

Brand management on Squire allows you to create a custom mobile app that includes your branding and reports. Additionally, Squire offers website and social media integrations which makes it easier for potential clients to book an appointment with you. Yet, Vagaro offers email marketing with 1,000 free custom emails to send each month. Additionally, for an additional $10 a month, Vagaro Marketplace will feature you so you get noticed by new local clients. Also, Vagaro offers a branded app, for an additional $200 a month to amplify your brand using a custom app that clients can book from. 


Booking appointments online is made easy with Vagaro and Squire. To make sure you have a constant flow of appointments, Squire has the option to waitlist clients when appointments become available, and this software help schedule recurring appointments. Squire and Vagaro offer Streamlined booking and can be integrated with Google, Instagram, Facebook, and more. In addition, Squire offers a walk-in kiosk for anyone who didn’t book an appointment in advance and allows you to take prepayments for anyone who booked online. Yet, Vagaro has a Check-In App ($10/mo) as a self-service platform allowing clients to check in for classes, book future appointments, and purchase memberships. Vagaro’s calendar offers customizable features that allow you to manage time off, holidays, lunch breaks, and special meetings while maximizing customer service. Vagaro’s appointment-schedule app allows you to see the details of appointments or classes with their dates, durations, type of services, and the employees providing the services.

Business Management:

When it comes to business management, Squire offers a vast range of tools such as booth rental and scheduling management, leaderboard analytics, referral tracking, payroll, and management. Additionally, Squire allows availability and booking management along with staff management, performance metrics, and inventory management, and allows you to manage shifts, commissions, and tips. Vagaro, on the other hand, offers premium features to help with business management. For $10 a month, you can create custom forms, surveys, and waivers that you can send to customers or require at the time of booking. You can also send customers digital form links, keep track of electronic signatures, and select templates to build forms that fit your business needs. For $10 a month, you can expand your sales with an online store where clients can purchase, 24/7, directly from the Facebook account, Vagaro website, and online. For $10 a month, you can use Vagaro’s website builder to design a custom booking page for your business.

Payment Processing:

Squire helps with payment processing using an integrated register and card reader. This software also notes product sales and inventory tracking and reporting. Vagaro’s payment processing includes a free credit card reader and will help your business process payments with a processing fee of 2.2%. Both software provides the option for contactless payments, and prepayments and will auto-charge no-shows.

Marketing Tools:

Both booking software offers robust marketing tools to help engage customers and promote your business. Squire enables you to market to your clients directly with customer engage™, it offers Google business site integration, and you can create promo codes, gift cards, and loyalty programs to help with customer retention and acquisition. Yet, Vagaro offers a free marketplace so you can list unlimited daily deals and bookings. You can create your Custom Booking Page that allows you to choose templates and easily add your own branded images and content. Through Vagaro’s Daily Deals, you can promote discounts. Vagaro allows you to offer perks and loyalty programs that can increase your online bookings and ensure clients' return. Additionally, you can add up to 3 images in Vagaro’s Portfolio to showcase your services and promote your business to attract new online customers. For $20 a month, Vagaro will help you set up text campaigns. This Text Marketing Feature allows you to send one-time text marketing campaigns to customers. You can also send Automated Messages, including recurring birthdays, lost customers, before the visit, and follow-up or thank-you marketing campaigns

Vagaro's Website with Key Features

Target Market:

Vagaro is for small businesses and sole proprietors including barbershops, chiropractors, dance studios, martial arts, medical spas, physical therapy, salons and spas, yoga/pilates studios, and many more. 

Yet, Squire is primarily intended for barbershops, salons, nail bars, and spas. 


Squire’s pricing for an individual barber: PRO Independent Barber ($30/month) and Executive Independent Barber ($100/month). Pricing for multiple barbers with one location: PRO ($100/month), Executive ($150/month per location), and Titan ($250/month per location). Squire also allows for multiple locations at an additional cost. 

At Vagaro, the profits are all yours. They take $0 for your online booking & all revenue you make from the Vagaro Marketplace. You keep all the money you make from any online booking and there are no fees for new customers acquired. Vagaro's pricing is simply based on the number of users at your business that will be using Vagaro for their booking and what premium features are required for your business including text marking, branded app, website builder, creating forms/surveys, and more. Additionally, there are no long-term contracts so you aren’t locked in forever. Finally, there are no contract fees, cancellation fees, setup fees, signup fees, or PCI compliance fees. Here's an outline of Vagaro’s pricing structure: 1 user: $25/mo, 2 users: $35/mo, 3 users: $45/mo, 4 users: $55/mo, 5 users: $65/mo, 6 users: $75/mo, 7+ users: $85/mo.

Regardless of which platform you choose, you’ll still need your phone calls answered and Lovage is the best choice! Lovage works with both Vagaro and Squire.

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