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Give Your Clients Your Full Attention and Let Us Handle your Phone Calls

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Serve More Clients

By having Lovage answer all of your inbound phone calls, you’ll be able to better serve even more clients.  Lovage gives you back more precious time with your clients.

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Focus On What You Do Best

Lovage allows you to spend more of your time doing what you do best.  Lovage allows you to truly provide your best service.

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Save Valuable Time

Forget constant service interruptions over the phone, Lovage takes care of that.  Lovage gives you back more time to successfully run your business.

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See why the best local businesses choose Lovage

Jimmy Watson


I have loved using Lovage, everything they bring to the table. It has taken so much weight off of myself as a business owner and it takes a lot off of my employees hands as well. We are getting a larger influx of online orders than ever before because Lovage has taken out any human error on our end. We love the dashboard and the new insights into our customers that it gives us. Set up and onboarding was so easy. I would recommend Lovage to help grow and streamline any business.

Kevin Sencion


Lovage has made our hairstyling experience move to the next level in our industry. They’ve helped us not miss any calls while providing great customer service to our clients. We love having Lovage as our partner and look forward to continue working with them.

Timothy L Retic Sr.


I've been in business for over 14 years. Answering the phone has been a constant interruption at our barbershop. Hey what can you do it's part of the business right? Wrong. Along comes Lovage. Talk about answering the phone at the right time, Lovage came with the perfect solution that took our interruptions down by 85%, now we only deal with the absolute neccessary calls. Thank you to the Lovage team for solving this long term issue. Highly recommend Lovage and their expert team.

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