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"Hi, could you please hold?" How many times have you heard this?

Placing Customers on Hold

“Hi, could you please hold?”

How many times have you heard this? You’ve probably heard this dozens of times and expect to hold at least 5 minutes. Holding for that long can seem like a big-time commitment when you only need help answering a simple question. So, are you going to hold? Studies show that younger customers have a shorter threshold of time they are willing to wait for someone to answer the phone. Through this evidence, we can suppose that the more it takes to interact with your business, the fewer interactions you’re going to have.

What Studies Reveal

Accenture 2013 study found that over 90% of respondents are frustrated when they have to contact a business multiple times for the same reason, they can’t stand being put on hold for a long time, and they’re annoyed when they have to repeat their issue to multiple representatives.

Lovage is an automated receptionist that will ensure that your customers get the best phone service possible, which will help to preserve your brand! Lovage helps eliminate holding times and prevents missed calls. Through smart technology, Lovage is able to direct customers' questions and concerns the first time so they don’t have to repeat their issue or call in several times. Our customers are loving our product and find that there is less to worry about with Lovage helping direct customers’ calls.

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