Local Businesses and Missed Calls

Local businesses have been finding it difficult to staff employees and have fewer resources to invest in hiring someone to answer the phone. Recent government data shows that 80 percent of US businesses are “nonemployers,” meaning a single person runs their own company and doesn’t have any employees.

With fewer receptionists being hired, it’s no wonder that local businesses are missing so many calls.

A recent study had 411 locals call 85 businesses in a variety of industries over 30 days. The study revealed that businesses were only able to answer 38% of all inbound calls, 38% of callers went to the business’ voicemail box, and 24% didn’t receive any response from the business.

Lovage is here to help! Our virtual receptionists answer your business' phone, book appointments, place orders, and help resolve customer concerns. Our software never needs to take a break, making sure that every call is answered no matter when the customer calls. More than one customer calling in at the same time? Not a problem! We can answer multiple calls at the same time. Lovage makes it easy for customers to get high-quality service by helping businesses interact and respond to customers.

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