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Regardless of which platform you choose, you’ll still need your phone calls answered and Lovage is the best choice! Lovage works with both Booksy and Squire.

Booksy vs. Squire

In recent years, there has been a rise in customers using online booking software to book appointments and prepay for services. Booking software is efficient, convenient, helps increase revenue, improves customer satisfaction, and helps you save time. It has helped owners save time by not having to schedule appointments on behalf of clients. Additionally, it helps businesses avoid double bookings by not allowing customers to book appointments in time slots that are already filled. Lastly, customers prefer online booking and even seek out businesses that offer scheduling software that allows you to prepay for your services. 

It's easy to see that online booking software has numerous advantages! Check out different scheduling softwares to see which is right for you. 

Client Management:

Squire and Booksy both provide centralized client information with client cards on file and allows you to maintain client profiles and histories on their databases. Both also provide automatic notifications and reminders of client appointments and activity. Booksy additionally provides the option to import old clients and invite new ones onto the booking software. 

Brand Management:

Brand management on Squire allows you to create a custom mobile app that includes your branding and reports. Additionally, Squire offers website and social media integrations which makes it easier for potential clients to book an appointment with you. Yet, brand management on Booksy allows you to create a customizable services menu, showcase your portfolio, display individual staff profiles and your online business profile.

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Booking appointments online is made easy with Booksy and Squire. To make sure you have a constant flow of appointments, Squire has the option to waitlist clients when appointments become available and these softwares help schedule recurring appointments. Squire and Booksy offer Streamlined booking and can be integrated with Google, Instagram, Facebook, and more. In addition, Squire offers a walk-in kiosk for anyone who didn’t book an appointment in advance and allows you to take prepayments for anyone who booked online. Yet, Booksy offers an easy-to-use customer app and streamlined booking with add-ons and combo Services.

Business Management:

When it comes to business management, Squire offers a vast variety of tools such as booth rental and scheduling management, leaderboard analytics, referral tracking, payroll and management. Both Squire and Booksy allow availability and booking management along with the option to include multiple locations. These two softwares also offer staff management, performance metrics, inventory management, and allows you to manage shifts, commissions and tips. Booksy, in addition, offers  the ability to provide clients documentation with custom forms. 

Payment Processing:

Squire helps with payment processing using an integrated register and card reader. This software also notes product sales and inventory tracking and reporting. Booksy has a streamlined checkout process keeping clients’ cards on file and setting cancellation policies with auto-charges. Both softwares provide the option for contactless payments, prepayments and will auto-charge no-shows.

Marketing Tools:

Both booking softwares offer robust marketing tools to help engage customers and promote your business. Squire enables you to market to your clients directly with customer engage™, it offers Google business site integration, and you can create promo codes, gift cards, and loyalty programs to help with customer retention and acquisition. Booksy enables you to market to clients with Boost which gives you the option to create email and social media templates, promotions and message blasts, and collect/share customer reviews. 

Target Market:

Booksy is geared towards a large audience including hair salons, barbershops, nail salons, skin care, eyebrows and lashes, massage, makeup artists, day spas, braids & locs, tattoo shops, personal trainers, chiropractics, and aesthetic medicine.

Yet, Squire is primarily intended for barbershops, salons, nail bars, and spas.

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Squire’s pricing for an individual barber: PRO Independent Barber ($30/month) and Executive Independent Barber ($100/month). Pricing for multiple barbers with one location: PRO ($100/month), Executive ($150/month per location), and Titan ($250/month per location). Squire also allows for multiple locations at an additional cost.

Booksy’s pricing starts at $29.99/mo with an additional $20/mo for each staff member. Additionally, Booksy requires a one-time commission fee per each new client. Boost from Booksy helps attract new customers by marketing your skills in an attempt to keep your calendar full at no monthly fee. 

Regardless of which platform you choose, you’ll still need your phone calls answered and Lovage is the best choice! Lovage works with both Booksy and Squire.

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